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Changemaker Media is a community for everyone who is passionate about protecting the planet, people, wildlife and biodiversity. We share inspiring stories for eco living, news and features on green innovations, campaigns, podcasts and events.

We want you to join us – as a writer, a photographer, videographer or eco-artist. Please click on BE A CHANGEMAKER below and complete the short form. 

Changemaker Media is a social impact website and social media platform, run by volunteers and designed to support the work of those who care about our amazing Planet Earth.

Changemaker(R)  is a UK registered trademark. 

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Changemaker's CONTRIBUTORS


Editor and Founder

Chrissie was a features editor, writer and stylist at Marie Claire, Byline Times, The Times, Hello!, Cosmopolitan and Country Living. She secured £100,000 sponsorship for a mass-participation event that raised over £1 million for a leading cancer charity. Chrissie has written six well-being books, worked as a television producer in Los Angeles and studied horticulture with the Royal Horticultural Society. She has been a specialist antiques and vintage dealer and gallery owner for 20 years, setting up The Design Gallery with her husband John. Her passion is to support others, wildlife and the protection of the environment, and she has established Changemaker Media in order to mentor writers and to promote artists, photographers and videographers. 



Emily inspired Changemaker. She is a member of the Post-Growth Institute and wrote her Masters dissertation (Global Development, Copenhagen University) on the PGI’s Offers and Needs Market – a degrowth initiative. 

Her degree is in Anthropology (Canterbury University). A windsurfing teacher, Spanish student and singer, Emily contributes written stories, videography and research to our website. 

Emily has volunteered and worked with charities and organisations including GoDharmic, Extinction Rebellion and Her passion for societal change includes promoting the issues of food poverty, debt, over-consumption, climate change and sustainable travel. 



Photographer and Writer

Ali is a freelance photographer based in the South East. At university she studied Commercial Photography where she specialised in fashion. 

Ali is passionate about travelling and loves the excitement of discovering natural landscapes and creating videos. 

For Changemaker, Ali enjoys sourcing the work of other photographers and showcasing the countries she has been to. Sustainability is important to her – she is vegan and always travels light. She also writes for our website and finds fascinating stories. 



Logo Designer and Contributor

Dan McDowell designed the beautiful Changemaker logo. During the pandemic he thought deeply about his career (Dan is a head chef) and his purpose. He has always loved animals and is increasingly concerned for their welfare, especially as the climate crisis worsens. During research into animal welfare he was amazed to discover the extent to which human intervention is adversely affecting wildlife, such as howler monkeys being killed by power lines and infant turtles influenced by manmade light. Inspired by the ingenuity and compassion of humans to solve these problems, he is now pursuing a career in conservation. 


Website Designer

Kirsty has been designing websites for over 20 years, hard to believe the internet has even been around that long. Her business is called SOSWEB which she runs alone, offering a very personal, friendly service. She has a great eye for design and is a kind and patient teacher. Kirsty has two teenage children and spends most of her spare time riding her horses.



John changed his life when he gave up a highly-successful career as a Treasurer to international banks and became a dealer in 20th century design. He set up The Design Gallery with his wife, Chrissie, in Kent in 2002 and has specialised in Arts & Crafts Movement and Art Deco for 20 years. John thinks “big picture” and his strategic planning will play an important part in the social impacts that Changemaker plans to achieve.


Campaigns Writer

Olivia has just graduated from Nottingham University (2022), having studied Liberal Arts with a major in Politics. She believes it is imperative to address the interwoven relationship between capitalism and the expropriation of nature and is particularly interested in tackling issues of food waste, especially after having seen the excessive amounts of food thrown away when working at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. She adores her goldendoodle named Kobe and spends a tad too much time shopping for second-hand clothes. 



Ottilie graduated from the University of Nottingham (2022) with a degree in English. She covers political stories for Changemaker and is particularly interested in the link between feminism and the environment, exploring the sexual politics of not eating meat for her university projects. Ottilie organised and co-hosted a podcast series called “The Science Show” to engage students and specialists in discussions about environmental politics. She is an avid reader and a fan of green tea.

Instagram @ottilieowen

Madi apthorpe


Madi studied Social Anthropology and graduated from the University of Manchester in 2020. She went on to study a journalism MA, combining her interest in people and their passions with her love for writing.

As a life-long jewellery lover, she now enjoys writing and researching vintage and modern jewellery and her fatal flaw is spending all her money on rings and pendants. Her final project in her MA was on sustainable jewellery, showcasing the ways jewellery can be repurposed and exposing the not-so-sustainable practices that exist to this day.

She currently works as a copywriter for a charity in London and spends her free time writing about anything that interests her. 

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