The choice of where you want to place the LED strip is mainly limited by your imagination, where you have the socket, and where you don't mind sticking to something. The advantage of LED light bars is that they are thin and flexible, so you can place them where traditional light bulbs cannot be used, such as under cabinets and in drawers. This means they work as well-they give you an idea of ​​what's behind the refrigerator or under the bed. When handled properly, colorful lights will look cool and futuristic.

Here are fourteen ways of lighting with LED strips to illuminate your life

Rear view mirror
Do you know those make-up mirrors that are always surrounded by light bulb stars in old movies? You can get more subtle effects and don't remove any reflective surface by covering it in the bulb.


  1. Open staircase
    Open staircases are especially cool with LED lights and can be used normally because these gaps can be particularly dangerous at night, but your vision may be too blurry to attack the retina in full. As you can see in this Instructables tutorial, there are multiple ways for you to turn on the lights automatically when you have supper.

  2. Under the sofa and bed
    Sometimes there are cool glowing lights under the sofas in the hip and hip lounges. Of course, it looks awkward, but who needs the price? Create effects by putting LED lights down the sofa and enjoy the atmosphere with a much cheaper bottled service. If you add some LEDs under the bed, you will never lose your sneakers again.
  3. As a night light
    It takes some work, but the result is a bit like having your own bat signal. The operation method of Instructables has ended.
  4. Shelves
    Shelves are great for organizing work, but if you also want them to double as a display for their storage, adding some LED lights is a good choice. Just pure white can solve this problem, or you can follow Instructables to turn the box shelf into a color-coded display case.
  5. refrigerator
    If you are concerned about peach mold and three leftovers from Thanksgiving are placed in the recesses of the refrigerator, it may be time to add more lighting to the ice box. High-end models may already have extra bulbs, but for older and cheaper varieties, you can DIY quickly and fairly cheaply. Add motion sensors and timers so the lights don't stay on.


  1. Lower cabinet and bar counter
    Although adding a light bar under the cabinet may be purely functional and can help you better view your clay pots, buying a color-changing strip for a bar will only look really cool. It will just fit your shiny sofa.


8.Drawer type
If your trash drawer looks like our trash drawer, then you can definitely benefit from the extra luminescence. IKEA has some LED light strips, because they generate low heat, they are specially made for places such as cabinets and bookshelves. Like refrigerators, motion sensors and timers are great.

  1. Christmas lights
    For some, the advantage of replacing Christmas lights with LED strips is that they blend together more easily, so you can leave them all year round. Take a look at this Instructables, it demonstrates how to turn them into Halloween and Thanksgiving lights because they are there anyway.


  1. Photo frame
    If you are looking for an easy way to increase your family portrait, Backlit Box can provide you with beautiful LED photo frames. If you prefer the DIY type, these instructions for Instructables will allow you to create cool lighting decorations.
  2. Baby cot

Don't turn on the lights. Do not step on sharp toys. Don't wake your child. The motion sensor bed light provides enough field of view so that you can move throughout the room without much interference. These LED light strips from MyLights can also be mounted on your own bed, bathroom or hallway to ensure you always keep the light on when you need it.

  1. Coffee table
    One of the reasons people use LED strips is that they can provide lighting in places that are difficult to access with traditional lighting methods, such as swimming pools or kitchen drawers. However, sometimes people use LED lights because they look cool. With the right LED light strip, old coffee table, infinity mirror you can create a futuristic coffee table for your living room.

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