Hangzhou Jianguan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of    wpc foam board 

Hangzhou Jianguan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. has been focusing on high-quality PVC-WPC foam boards for more than 15 years. We supply PVC-WPC foam boards to companies worldwide, from large multinational companies to small individual companies.

We always believe that every success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we provide. We believe that only high-quality products and good sales services can bring us good development. From raw materials to final loading, we control the quality of PVC foam boards at every step. After the customer receives the goods, if there is any question, our sales team will be ready to assist you.

Features of our WPC worksheet
1. Lightweight and waterproof
2. High hardness, smooth and shiny surface
3.Excellent formability
4.High impact resistance
5.Good abrasion resistance
6.Excellent chemical resistance
7. Easy to install and clean
8. Recyclable and long life
9. Dimensional accuracy