There are three main reasons for the quality and safety problems of light chains:

  1. Low industry entry barriers lead to increased quality risks. Western developed countries such as Europe and the United States have a huge demand for the holiday light chain, and the light chain is easy to be touched during the normal use of consumers. Once an accident occurs, the harm caused by the accident is extremely great. However, some manufacturers have weak technical strength, lack of a complete quality control system, and have limited ability to respond to various foreign standards, which may cause deviations in product design requirements and actual application conditions. Once the products have not undergone necessary testing before export, There will be greater hidden dangers of quality.

  2. Design defects have become the main source of high-quality light chain problems. From the analysis of the notification situation, the main quality problems of the light chain include the risk of electric shock, the risk of fire and burns, and structural defects. Among them, poor safety distance and poor insulation performance have become the main quality problems, which can easily cause electric shock accidents, which also shows that there are serious defects in the internal structure of such products, and hidden quality risks have been buried in the design process.
  3. Sanitation and environmental protection projects have become new risk points. Since the implementation of the RoHS Directive in 2005, restricted substances have been increasing, the scope of substances under review has been expanding, and various severe conditions have been continuously written into the new directive. At the same time, the European Union requires that member states must update RoHS 2.0 to local laws before January 2, 2013. In this year's 34th RAPEX notification, an LED lightchain destined for Germany was denied entry at the port due to excessive lead content in the solder.


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