If you haven't used these features in your outdoor terrace design game plan yet, read on. Because I really think that string lights are one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways to enhance outdoor space in the blink of an eye. So before you start planning all your entertainment in spring and summer, it's time to make the light chain truly attractive.

Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate them into outdoor spaces:

Under the umbrella

Although you don't need parasols at night or at night, they are really a good place to add some flashing light chains. You can simply wrap the light chain around the umbrella, or for an extra beautiful effect, arrange the umbrella's seams inside the umbrella.

Across the terrace
This is one of the most common ways to use a light chain, but it is because it is indeed an important statement. Anchors such as fences, roofs, and even some strategically added wooden posts distribute the lights in a zigzag pattern throughout the outdoor space. If the space you want to use is large, consider using lights to spread the space and create other areas.

on the balcony
You don't need a lot of space to shake some light chains, even small balconies can be used! You can hang the lights on the balcony wall or string the lights on the balcony ceiling. You can also use them to outline the patio door by tangling them all the way.

In the gazebo
If you have a gazebo or any type of outdoor shade structure, you can use a light chain to further define it. Try lining the structure's periphery with light, or combine the periphery with a zigzag light chain. Depending on your structure, you can use light chains on the ceiling or on both sides of the structure.

Under the lantern
If you have limited space, be creative and use something like a lantern to give your terrace a bit of a highlight. Both colored light chains and white light chains are suitable for this purpose. Add other elements to the lantern based on the party theme. For a summer barbecue party, you can add a mini blast beach ball. For the "July 4th" party, you can add a small logo; or for Luau, you can add some artificial fruits.

Around a tree
Wrapping trees with a chain of lights is another great way to incorporate some sparks into the outdoor space. You can keep it simple and pack just one tree or go all out and pack many trees on your house. Try to stick to white light to keep the look elegant. After wrapping the tree, you can use strings to pass other elements, such as logos or other decorations.

Making artwork
Consider combining these lights together and then hanging them all at one point to make a mini artwork. You can use lights to create patterns, or simply line them up for a greater visual impact. If you want to be creative, you can even use lights to spell a message or someone's name.

Hanging on the window
Use the window to suspend the light chain. Two-story windows allow you to create height and drama with light. However, you can also consider wrapping lights around multiple different windows.

Create a chandelier
Don't be afraid to be creative on the light chain. Try to hang them from trees, awnings or even gazebos in a straight line to create the look of a chandelier. You can suspend each light line at a different height to create a more vivid feel. This looks particularly suitable on a dining table or above an outdoor seating area.

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