This is precisely what I've been saying OSRS gold needs to do, look at the success of games such as AFK Arena and Raid Shadow Legends. They pour into marketing and it pays dividends. Jagex should employ a team that reaches out to content creators, and buy ad space on platforms like twitch and YouTube. I know in the past some streamers have been sponsored by them such as Witwix, but this was just a short quantity of time and forgotten. They ought to be persistent When they want a marketing campaign. Btw if anyone out of Jagex is studying this if I will work remote, I will do that job.

And in this situation, the interface is a PC equivalent. Raid Shadow Legends is dogshit along with the advertising campaign is essentially a listing of lies and it is massive and likely making bank. Runescape is great and the cellular port is and they are both the same game. If Jagex doesn't fumble the ball, then it might be huge. But also they need to repair new Runescape player experience because it's basically impossible to have a fun time trying to get into Runescape sport as a fresh Runescape player and find out what you are supposed to be doing.Worth mentioning though that those matches have a better new Runescape player experience.

They mini games will revive if jagex can successfully make an ad campaign similar to that of raid shadow legends or games like this. A whole lot of mobile users aren't hyper efficient like everybody is these days. An influx of casual players will be good if the Runescape players enjoy the mini games. If I were jagex I'd be pushing to finish cellphone. And that is then start pushing on ads down everyone's throats.

Artisan, Service and gathering skills follow a similar vein, however, due the sheer amount of content for each ability I will not describe how I picture a trailer showcasing each ability, but the format is similar to the one. The purpose is. Describe the skill in a few words, do not overwhelm the viewer with words, even if they seem pretty apparent (use battle abilities to fight your way to the surface ), they are not overly ambiguous or plain dumb like that disgrace here.

As a brand new Runescape participant you will be ovewhelmed by the sheer amount of content runescape has to offer ignore what's behind their own asses. For this reason, it is far better to break down the abilities to more gold on rsgoldfast in a easy to follow format and WITHOUT CRAMMING EVERYTHING IN A SINGLE AD.And that is it, a clear message that is easy to understand, easy to follow, and not simply a hurried effort to beg for new Runescape players.