On a negative note, if you're playing against nba2king a tough team on the higher issue you GET NOTHING. Even on the easier settings also cause that I lost cause and I beat the warmth on Historic 71 I didn't make points. It is ridiculous. I really don't care if it becomes a way for its hardcore aggressive boundless teams to farm cards, 1 percent of individuals are likely to actually compete it in and 99% get treated to this benefit system that's designed to be tailor made to make things difficult for them. I am not saying a game needs to provide me pink diamonds for simple challenges but... it may still be fun? Or is fun not allowed in gameplay?

I'm surprised it took this long for someone to call out this, if it hasn't been already. Russell Westbrook is exactly the same, has braids in real-life but in NBA 2K he's a buzz cut. Jordan Poole should have braids, has an afro. D'Angelo Russell includes six significant braids but should have a cut to exactly what Poole has. At work now but I could upload pictures similar to OP as there are a lot of players that need to become updated.I did make a post about it and asked for peoples suggestions, but I had been criticized for suggesting things that are not significant, and that people want bug fixes rather. As he has a problem to Towns but I'll include the list and Westbrook. His appearance is in MyCareer but not any other manners. Any more players aside from the ones you mentioned that have to be updated, then reply here and I'll add them!

Damn brother, sorry for all of the people who said it isn't important, and love it, Ithink it matters a lot and'm with you. I'll check tonight when I get home and will see if there are different players. I am aware that both two-way guys with the Warriors, Ky Bowman and Damion Lee, don't have face scans whatsoever but I think that comes in 2K not investing time and resources in two-way players. I will get a list send some pics and put together tonight of some other people, thanks man.Yeah appreciate it man! With the 2 way players, 2K does that in their time just because it requires scanning them and getting in the participant, so that may or may not happen. Nevertheless, in regards to DLo or Westbrook hair upgrades and confront updates they should be able to do this without the player coming in.

I can tell youdo not really understand how things work and new to 2K. So I'll assist you. To be clear my gameplay ideas apply to all manners. No one liked dealing with this so they added the lane violation in 2K16. So your argument of"It is street ball" doesn't even make sense because its currently at NBA 2K, it is just broken. My suggestion is just to Buy NBA 2K MT Coins repair it.