I keep hearing about those 3 spotlight guys. Are they worth it, as in would I really use them over some of those guys on my current team? I do not have the NBA 2K MT for sale patience to grind the entire thing so opal Harden is out of the question. I love the tips! I would not suggest finishing sets for tokens, which will wind up being a lot of MT secured away. Perhaps you have completed domination? There is a lot of tokens in there and you'll be able to grind tto. Buy a solid beginning 5 with the MT to begin then grind for all those 3 guys, they could definitely be your bench players and are worth the mill, that's why I proposed focusing on the beginning 5 and then your seat can be liberated reward cards.

Domination is just so mind numbing idk. I have 45 stars each in regular and historic, but none in all moment. I've been doing a lot of tt offline and online as my primary source of getting tokens. I look into those 3 men. Who should I pick up for my starting 5? I'd need a. Oh definitely, but I believe there's 663 tokens to be had if you complete all domination, not as simple as doing places but you don't need to lock in any MT. Some options are PD Roy, Wiggins, Redd. You might even use Reddish, he's legit Paul George lite, same launch. Do a quick YouTube search for high budget gamers, I believe JD did you under 10k, and DBG recently did his positional ranks. He's pretty good IMO I use it just as a reference.

I never realized how unsupportive people within this area are...the spending habits you described are the reason 2K My Team is exactly what it is right now. We're all very supportive of one another. But when one of several doesnt get a particular card which doesnt make the individual more worthy of having a free card direct from 2K because so many people deserve that as well. Im sorry for the hard truth here but the entire myteam game style has been about spending habits for a couple of years now. Its nice that they offer rewards and evos however, the very best cards come from VC earned game or cash spent on backpacks out of the marketplace. I wish it weren't ordered that way but I just play the system that the government of 2K gifts us.

Everyone always says it and this never happens like this Ben Simmons didn't impact Giannis price in any way. Just because similar cards come out does not mean no one wants another. 1 card is not going to tank the worth of this shaq. Folks like shaq since he has good animations he is super hot and this is the best shaq we have EVER had, and also the most economical for that matter. Last years you needed to lock and he wasn't even as good as this one. He won't drop below 600 until when NBA 2K is absolutely lifeless. Or 2K kills it using a locker code or packs with good odds.

This was how I grind cubes for evo cards. Play rookie dom from a point guard team like Rozier or Kemba. Utilize your PG guarding them and when they reach the top of the three point arc press Y to jump. The point guard will run around you and drive to the lane. They may either go for a set up or a mid range shooter. Switch to buy 2K MT who you need blocks together and strike the ball handler for the cube. Thanks. That's exactly my method also, but I was debating knocking off the final of the steals and went into the Pistons since Reggie Jackson should be easy enough. But I am a moron who forgot they had Blake and Drummond, so the blocking was not occurring normally.