Metal furniture has recently become an interesting topic in facility planning and design.
Metal contract furniture, once thought to be too practical in use, is rapidly gaining popularity for a variety of reasons, including durability and cleanability. Although wooden furniture will always be a popular choice, here are the five main reasons to consider using metal furniture in your group life, healthcare or camp environment:

1. Great style! Metal furniture manufacturers have been striving to create furniture with both form and function. The natural colors reminiscent of wood and laminate drawer surfaces can transform basic metal furniture into something aesthetically indistinguishable from wooden furniture.

2. Cleanliness and pest management. There are countless scientific evidences that metal furniture cannot prevent bed bugs better than wood furniture, but due to its lower absorption, metal furniture is indeed easier to clean and tolerate pest chemicals than wood furniture. The elbows, creases and plank areas of metal furniture will still provide a hiding place for pests (such as bed bugs), so it is by no means a proof of bed bugs or pests, but after proper inspection and maintenance, metal furniture can be useful in pest management programs component.

3. Have spirit and style! Although the design of most metal furniture imitates or mixes with wooden furniture, metal can also be well reflected as part of the team or school spirit color design. It is easy to realize standard primary color selection or custom matching paint on metal furniture, because metal does not change the texture and grain of wood. The painted metal surface is consistent and easy to standardize for any color scheme.

4. Extremely high durability. Metal furniture is the main force in the contract furniture market. Metal furniture can withstand extreme use, so it is very suitable for any group living environment, especially the application of dormitory and temporary housing. Metal beds and bunk beds are durable and cleanable. The metal box can include under-bed storage, bedside cabinets and drawer cabinets. The surface treatment of the metal is intact, so with proper care, the metal bed and box can resist punctures, drinking rings and general mass use. More importantly, if the surface treatment agent is damaged, the self-made patch package can create a new look in a short time.

5. The price is reasonable. Although the price of high-quality metal furniture may be higher than that of wooden furniture, you can expect the service life of metal furniture to be 10-15 years or more. Many metal furniture collections have a warranty period of ten years or more. Metal furniture may require a large upfront investment, but the replacement cycle is less.

Metal furniture has appeared in many places where wooden furniture is traditionally used. Metal beds and boxes can be combined to create a highly durable and powerful living space for the group living environment.


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