I believe I love slayer feels just like the portion of RuneScape for me. Im at 240 qp, all grandmaster quests performed, melee stats are 93/99/88, range 98, mage 91, slayer is 200k from 97, but my non combat stats are RS gold really lacking, between 55 to 70 on pretty much everything aside from con, which I only bothered leveling to acquire fairy ring, altar, pool, to assist the slayer grind. Have 4 diaries finished through difficult, but can't find any motivation to work on the others, bother with all the remaining quests (pretty much all easy ones too besides the arm questline and frem exiles).

Ill get on and try to plan out some development, knock out"only 1 or two jobs", and end up grinding slayer for hours, especially if I get smoke devils / hydra now, because those are the 2 big pet searches im focused on atm. Not certain what ill do once im 99 slayer and stop getting lvs in my combat stats also.... The development is a significant part of why I like slaying, always making profits on my cb skills.

Idk what im even I think I wish the skilling facets of RuneScape were in depth and attractive, because I feel a enormous part of RuneScape I simply can not enter. Sulliusceps are one example that I enjoyed, and I wish there were more actions like that for skills, more interesting afk skilling activities.As soon as we get more Slayer articles, how about a Slayer occasion? GWD3, how about a event which rewards one for bossing or performing bounties (if that attribute yields from GWD2), may offer Skilling stuff for Skillers to do to aid factions or whatever. Same with Yak Track, Yak Track is overly insistent to keep returning as is, it wants a persistent revamp and rebalancing of these tasks, and tying it into the present updates would enhance that further. Idk how exactly I feel about more DXP, I like the hype of the community that gets involved (even the toxicity of W2 areas) and more if that would be fine, but that could also encourage gamers to only play during DXP making RuneScape sense deader when DXP isn't live.

I am really fine with all the growth version, as long as they're transparent about it. It is the consistent way to get players back into RuneScape. If theysense fun, engaging, and're intriguing, then by all means. I saw someone mention Menaphos down, and I think it shows we could have positive and negative types of expansions. They are setting Archaeology as their basis for future content, so we will see it performed better now, possibly not. At this point, they moved in a direction recently and I wish to see them learn from this and continue to make decent content. Waiting to see if they really do or not.

The female outfit item is a Jagex kind of problem where they've apparently self created it by responding to a previous issue at a way that is ridcuolous. Like a few years ago people complained/were bothered by the fact that often in an outfit group the male and female variants were basically entirely different outfits instead of re-gendered variants of the same ensemble with artibatarily different designs, colourings etc.. Then it cheap RuneScape gold seems like their"answer" to this was that they just gave up on producing a female version whatsoever and stuck the one, typically man, version on all players.