Two things in RS3 are "negative:" the MTX focus, as well as the UI. If you do not let it, MTX does impact daily life as far as you believe. You move on, and OSRS gold get your everyday chests. You can spend money on keys that could give xp and items, but there is no way to really play RuneScape game. Is in the upgrade schedule of RS3, where MTX becomes. We'll see it again in a month or two, when this sub gets filled with MTX complaints again. RS3 drops content upgrades that are massive, with long dry spells in between. These dry spells are filled with MTX events and promotions, usually.

Simple to ignore, but if it looks like the only thing Jagex is doing is pumping out MTX content, it becomes annoying. The UI is complicated and elaborate... but simple to comprehend with sufficient time. This is only MMORPG syndrome: the UIs are almost always intricate. RS3 is very different from OSRS's simple approach to matters: battle, skilling, and actions are extremely complex, and the fully customizable UI reflects this.

As someone with barely any friend and no social life, I do not know where I would be without runescape. Not only is it a fantastic match with thousands and thousands of hours of content, but I've met some truely excellent friends on there. Somehow all of my insecurities and anxieties disappear on RuneScape game. The people I meet all have a minumum of one common interest; Gielenor's entire world. I will never forget how great I felt as though one of my great friends went out of his way when he knew I was just a few mil off obtaining a noxious staff and he spotted me 7m because he knew I'd been working so hard for it. I understood none of my actual friends would do that for me..

A number of my runescape friends I would consider closer than my real friends. Anyway, where I am going with this post is that runescape makes me feel.... okay. You never know who you will meet and what stories they'll share. And that is why when I'm mining or smithing, coaching in ED3, or simply hanging around the grand exchange, I talk and listen to the other people playing. Each has an interesting life that they lead, and I really like making friends together. Thank you runescape, you make me feel okay.

So I just joined back to RS3 after 6years of not playing it about 2 weeks ago (don't worry, I was on osrs during this time!) But because I have been back I have joined a clan and they're some of the nicest folks I have ever met. Also somebody that was friends with a few of the clan leaders randomly decided to provide me about 650m since I had been speaking to my friend about becoming 99 herblore and buy 2007 runescape gold stating I would never have the money for this.