The rational use of metal has brought great convenience to our office. However, the metal cabinet is steel after all, and is not easily affected by moisture and rust, which will change its service life; therefore, the file data will still be seriously damaged. So, how to maintain the metal every day? The first is to raise the height and maintain the metal cabinet regularly; there are the following 6 ways to repair the cabinet.

1. Alcohol wipe

Regularly clean the cabinet of the three-drawer metal cabinet, and wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in diluted alcohol water. After drying, paint the surface with household oil wax to keep the tool cabinet clean and fire. a long time.

2. Dry cleaning and maintenance

Painted cabinets are prone to dust, so they can be wiped regularly with a dry rag to reduce dust and make the tool cabinet uniquely clean.

3. Keep away from water and reduce water exposure

Although the moisture and water resistance of industrial tool storage cabinets is good, the service life of sheet metal should be considered. In the daily use of the metal cabinet, to avoid the hand with water entering the file, the surface of the cabinet body will quickly oxidize and cause rust, which will shorten the service life and wet the hand positioning record. Most document data is paper, which can be damaged immediately after contact with water.

4. Prevent foreign matter from entering

When cleaning the filing cabinet regularly, you can wipe it with a soft damp cloth first, then wipe with a dry cloth. This will not cause moisture to remain on the surface of the file cabinet, and also avoid the problem of causing rust in the tin file cabinet. The interior corners and rails of the cabinet should be cleaned regularly to avoid the use of foreign objects. Especially when moving door cabinets and rolling door cabinets, care must be taken to clean the track regularly to keep the inside of the track clean and free of foreign objects.

5. Gently store and store items

When visiting office supplies, please take it lightly. When opening the door, please pay attention not to move too much, switch violently, too long time will cause the cabinet door to loose and affect the service life. Avoid placing sharp instruments on the scratched filing cabinet. Be careful not to bring sharp tools into contact with the filing cabinet. Once scratched, the protective layer film will damage the cabinet surface, easily causing surface rust and affecting aesthetics.

6. Put the dehumidification bag into the cabinet

If the indoor humidity is high, you can place it in the corner of the cabinet dehumidification bag. To achieve the dehumidification effect, keep the cabinet space dry.

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