I had exactly the same problem in my primary, endgame pvm simply felt so dull and cheap RS gold pointless. Decided to make an ironman around not expecting to play with it, to fuck, got hooked immediately. The feeling of having is so addicting. As soon as I completed a challenging clue in my primary and obtained something similar to glory (t) or god hide I just felt like"cool 200k", however exactly the same drop on an ironman and I get super excited. I dont have enough time to play with a lot, but I finally got to the endgame with dwh, lance, bp, zenytes etc.. Its the most fun I have ever had playing runescape, theres always so much to do if you arent killing the exact same boss.

You should seriously try ironman, you dont need to go super sweaty to reach endgame, just decide on a target and grind to get it every once in a while so that you dont get burnt out.I would bond on my primary and never look back if I didnt have to redo all the quests, even as an iron man to boot. I despise questing. Add in the loss of some significant simple quality of life stuff (mostly things like purchasing teleports to everywhere, prayer/stamina baskets ), and also ironman just is a tad too much for me personally.

I need to mention though RuneScape varies as you advance. I started off loving slayer therefore I did that, I recall a lvl 126 telling me I was"far away" from abby demons about 6 months ago. Well this past month identification consider my osrs life unrecognisable. I love the content I hated (quests now unlock genuinely good stuff and are the main means to advance my acc now im okay money wise). I was 1200 complete and could just about handle barrows and kbd and had a bank that is 15m. Currently im 109cb, 1510 total, fire cape, 150m lender, nearly barrows gloves, 80kc deep on zulrah and managed to down kree alone. The grind is real but damn im glad I found cool people and a good cc and listened to information, but realising 92 is half way to 99 is a major reality check.... Job im a fairly RuneScape participant.

The port is the largest barrier to entry for RuneScape within my opinion. I would recommend going into edit mode and try to resemble something similar to legacy while keeping the benefits of having a lot of useful things open in the exact same time. This is my design which I feel is straightforward while giving me access to everything I want the majority of the moment. I'm not some endgame PvMer though I'm probably missing a bunch of shit helpful for bossing.

Well it is becouse the twi have far different content, that is way far from the game in 2007. Whoever has played moder MMORPG's can deal with interfaces that are RS3, anyhow. Have you ever noticed some interfaces that were modded that were significantly add-on? OSRS is considerably more easy, not requiring that much clutter, and even then, RL is there to include as much extra layers of info as you want. Then again both OSRS and RS3 can be as simple or buy runescape 3 gold as clutered as you need (it is possible to use the legacy port on RS3).