The Open Type Rotary Screen Printer is a paper finishing equipment. Its role is to improve the smoothness, gloss, tightness and thickness uniformity of the paper web. It is an integral part of the paper machine. It is installed between the drying section and the paper reel. It is generally composed of several rollers made of cold-shock cast iron or hardened steel. It is vertically stacked on the frame and driven by the bottom roller. After the dried paper is rolled, it is sent to the roll paper section. Generally, 3 to 6 rolls of medium and low speed paper machines and 8 to 10 rolls of high speed paper machines. Tissue paper, single-sided glossy paper, and paper types with high absorption requirements do not need to be calendered.

The working mode of Hot Air Stenter is usually continuous rolling. The printed products are transported from the paper conveying table to the calender belt between the heat pressing roller and the pressure roller. Under the action of temperature and pressure, the coating is attached to the surface of the calender belt and is calendered. The calendered paint layer gradually cools to form a bright surface layer. The calender belt is a specially treated stainless steel ring-shaped steel belt. There are multiple sets of far-infrared heating sources inside the heat pressing roller to provide the heat required for calendering. The pressure of the pressure roller mostly adopts the electro-hydraulic pressure regulating system, which can accurately meet the pressure requirements in calendering.