Many people know steel file cabinets, and think that most metal file cabinets are made of steel. In fact, steel file cabinets are just a kind of office furniture that is more popular at present. The user base is very wide, but in addition to In addition to steel file cabinets, there are still other metal file cabinets. Although they are all metal, their characteristics are different. Hangzhou Dingli Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. elaborated:


1. File cabinet of cold rolled steel
Cold rolled steel is a kind of hot-rolled steel plate material reprocessed under low temperature conditions. This kind of steel has good extensibility, which is very conducive to bending and deformation processing. Normally, the thickness is about 1CM. The file cabinet made of cold-rolled steel is very smooth in appearance, suitable for spraying processing, and has good adsorption for the coating. At the same time, it can also use the transfer technology for appearance processing.


2. Stainless steel file cabinet
Many people know that stainless steel is a kind of steel that will not rust. The common stainless steel pots, kitchen knives, pots, etc. are commonly used by us. In addition, the file cabinets are also made of stainless steel. The file cabinets made of stainless steel are usually thicker than other materials, and they are much heavier than other materials. They are mainly used for low cabinets. The characteristic of stainless steel material is not rust, and the same does not require paint, but for the sake of beauty, you can choose some beautiful stickers or other materials to attach the surface to the beautiful skin.


3. Aluminum alloy file cabinet
The file cabinet made of aluminum alloy looks very thin, but it is not so thin, mainly because the material effect looks like that. Some modern office furniture is made of aluminum alloy, but the price of this material is usually very high. Only customers with certain characteristics will choose, and the appearance will be processed by transfer or sticker process. Aluminum alloy material is very light, but the degree of firmness is obvious. Those who have used aluminum alloy ladders should know that the stylish appearance and material characteristics are suitable for some elegant and relaxed office places.

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