Going to offline tournaments, it's impossible to buy nba 2k20 mt enjoy this for more than season without controlling All 30 Teams. The AI is just to stupid to handle a Team correctly. They are unable to sign 14 players. Sometimes they go into the season with only 6 players. Most transaction provides by the CPU make no feeling for both sides. There are just so many things that make it tough to enjoy NBA 2K20.

This franchise is just a money grab and they'll do anything to keep it like that. I've played many triple A games and this is by far one of the worse not just on a technical degree but in the way it is team interacts only with contracted influencers that are used to promote their next game.When I think of it I couldn't imagine many other AAA titles with this kind of bad public relations or communications. For instance even the streaming codes have been performed. They chose that one YTber to give a code out and he messed it up and the rest of the guys that got a code to give out milked out the hell of it, had difficulties, or were not really certain what the code was for.

By comparison Sea of Thieves has twitch drops moving right now and they provide a list of streamers that you only need to wait for 30 min to get the drop. Just a little example of how their practices might easily improve if they put effort in. Hell, people were mad Friday since there wasn't any heads that there was not going to be any new content in MyTeam. I believe NBA2k20 is fine. I'd give it a 6.8/10. It's good enough to the point where I could enjoy it for a long time. Myleague is amazing and I have a great time playing with it. While 2K has it's flaws it's much better than Madden.

Mycareer is not terrible either. You can get enough VC to upgrade your player a bit if you play with a good amount of games. Myteam isn't the very best. I play it and it has its strengths. Locker codes are a thing, but it's also kind of drama to win. You can't actually get a god group without having to spend cash plus the cheese lineups. There is no problem with having out of position players but having electricity forwards and centers being able to play at the guard spots isn't excellent. Where PF's and C's OOP cards may only become SF's 2K should have it -C. For example Anthony Davis is a little forward for an OOP card. NBA2K can also have some difficulties with animations that are weird, missing open shots, and getting lights blocked.

People are likely than they are supposed to post about experiences that are positive to post and complain about something. If you think about it it's the same with product testimonials on websites. Individuals will shout and complain about the inconveniences but will not talk about matters NBA 2K20 does well. Because of this, the vast majority of the posts we see here and elsewhere are negative and also force you to believe NBA 2K20 is horrible. It's really not that bad but there is a definitely regression concerning certain modes on NBA 2K20 in favour of bringing additional to the park/rec. Their money maker is your park / rec and MyTeam packs so they've decided to go whole cash grab on people and cheap mt nba 2k20 leave out the modes.