Avoid knocking during transportation as much as possible to prevent the cabinet from rusting due to surface damage.

When placing it, hold it gently, keep it level, and keep a certain distance from the wall.

The ground should be kept dry to prevent moisture and alkalization.

Avoid contact with acid and alkali liquid to prevent the cabinet from being corrupted.

Keep the cabinet surface clean. If the surface is not clean, wipe it with detergent first, then wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

When placing corrosive items in the cabinet, avoid direct contact with the cabinet surface.

Use the correct method to unlock the lock to avoid damage to the lock body.

Open and close gently when opening and closing cabinet doors and drawers to avoid violent impact. Do not hit the cabinet with hard objects, and do not use sharp objects to place them on the surface.

Maintenance of furniture of different materials
1. Chrome-plated furniture
Chrome-plated furniture should not be placed in a damp place, otherwise it will easily rust and even cause the coating to fall off. If the chrome-plated film appears yellow-brown mesh spots, it is often wiped with neutral engine oil to prevent its expansion. If there is a rusty place, use cotton wool or a brush dipped in machine oil to apply it to the rusty place, and then wipe it back and forth after a while. Until the rust is removed, do not use sandpaper. Plated furniture that is not normally used can be coated with a layer of rust inhibitor on the chrome layer and placed in a dry place.

2. Titanium-plated furniture
True high-quality titanium-plated furniture will not rust, but it is better to avoid contact with water, often wipe with dry cotton or fine cloth to keep it bright and beautiful.

3. Plastic sprayed furniture
If stains appear on spray-painted furniture, wipe it with wet cotton cloth and wipe it with dry cotton cloth, taking care not to retain moisture.



Points for attention during use
No matter what kind of painted metal furniture, you should handle it gently when moving it to avoid bumps; avoid touching hard metal parts, such as fruit knives, key pendants, etc., to avoid scratches. When folding, don't be too strong to ensure that the folding mechanism is not damaged.


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