All furniture made of metal pipes, plates or rods as the main structure, accompanied by wood, various types of artificial boards, glass, stone, etc., and iron furniture made entirely of metal materials are collectively referred to as metal furniture. Metal furniture can well create different atmospheres required by different rooms in the family, and it can also make the home style more diversified and more modern

The raw material of metal furniture is cold-rolled steel plate, which comes from the smelting and rolling of mineral resources. With the rise of the "green revolution" in the steel industry and the promotion of the "zero energy consumption" production process, metal materials from the selection to the production process and the elimination after use will not cause waste of resources to the society, and will not cause any damage to the ecological environment. Unfriendly influence is a resource product that can be reused and continuously developed. The metal furniture produced by Beijing Hejunxinmei Furniture adopts a ten-station cleaning and phosphating process, which can effectively ensure the firmness of the coating and the surface of the workpiece. The coating materials generally use environmentally friendly and energy-saving powder coatings, which have a high utilization rate. The powder scattered during the process can be recycled, and there is no problem of excessive formaldehyde.

Fire prevention is mainly reflected in the fact that metal furniture can withstand the test of intense fire, minimizing losses. The moisture-proof feature is most suitable for southern regions. In the vast southern part of China, as long as the temperature is between 12°C and 14°C and the relative humidity is above 60%, it is a paradise for mold growth and a hotbed of rust, precious paper documents, photos, instruments, valuable medicines, and various Disk film may be damp. The moisture resistance of metal furniture can solve people's problems. Beijing Hejunxinmei Furniture reminds you that the antimagnetic feature is especially important in the computer age. Disks containing commercial secrets, statistics, and personal information, audio and video files with historical significance, precious images or classic CDs, etc., are most feared Suddenly disturbed by a strong magnetic field, the anti-magnetic properties of metal furniture can well solve such problems.

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