This is a controversy that is very old that EA has managed to overcome since the PS1/PS2 days and the Mut 21 coins is the one which enables this behavior. An Franchise mode will be made by them and let it remain the exact same to the rest of the generation. That means you really only have to buy one or two Maddens per generation anyway and that is what I have been doing the previous 25 years. It is very doable and I've played with NCAA Football 14 every year.

Before that, I had been playing Madden 2008 on the PC when I didn't have those consoles and still enjoyed Madden. I am getting Madden 21 to get Stadia and then I might not get another Madden game unless there is a NCAA soccer game outside by that time. You don't need to get every Madden match. Purchase one and then not buy another one.Missing features here on Madden 07

I'd really like to see something similar to this back, but we are being fucked by EA around. I think they should have a dev team only working on franchise, instead of having them split onto multiple tracks.These are fairly much a much better variant of x-factors but less gameplay dividing and they also can effect things in franchise style. I mean I will tell you the reason. The jump from that gen into another was a hardcore change, plus they had to remake the system. Then towards the end of that gen their competition got removed, and they switched to two unique engines in the length of four decades.

So try and add crap to franchise in a year when you have been behind working on animations and of course MUT. There was not any hardcore shift - those are/were experienced programmers not some 2 week training guy. The next gen consoles were available for developers a very long time before launch. They had the opportunity to devolop the tools and they probably did but they were told to do dumb stuff and then business kicked. "The next gen is difficult to programm" is a bullshit excuse.

Tell that to all buy Madden nfl 21 coins that got postponed for the ps3 because it was literally tough to program for lol, and if you look at the Xbox 360 dev kits that they gave EA and others a false bill of goods early on, so they needed to reprogram a good deal. Last gen to present gen wouldn't have been bad if not for the left handed on the spark engine and focus. And the jump from present to next looks to be look less as people with madden 21 on a PS4 can play against people that have a version.