That's to say, what characteristic (s) could EA reveal you being inserted to franchise mode that would alter your mind on purchasing Madden NFL 21? For me personally, itd be finally a coaching overhaul and Mut 21 coins including DCs OCs, and STCs. If its too tough to acquire the rights to names, generic names are OK with me. Id consider purchasing it although this would just be a start. Produce a team transactions more realistic and better gameplay that is more realistic if a fucking 90 total offensive lineman gets beat by a 76 total defensive lineman.

That is my realistic franchise desires ever actually, or within the subsequent 3 years, since I know that it won't happen this year, but anyhow. Coaching staff- let me employ coordinators that specialize in some specific schemes. Let me have an OC who boosts the development, and stats of an energy run scheme. But he also has his downsides, regarding where stats will be lost by men in their finesse stats. Give them overalls. The better they perform, the higher their overall, and thus bonuses become. They have hired at higher positions for other teams if they get good enough.

Better scouting- Building off of that, let's me get scouts with overalls, the capacity position better than many others, or to find a certain type of participant. Let me scout over 3 traits. I like the measurables that are mix to ascertain physical traits. Give storylines which aren't buried behind 45 menus that are different to me. Give me their school stats to give an notion of the features to me we can't scout. If I am only able to scout 3 abilities, plus they are like 97 throw electricity, 85 rate, and 81 profound accuracy, but dude has a 53% completion percentage, I understand either his awareness, or other accuracies suck.

Non-linear development - Player progression is not linear IRL, it should not be in madden (2K is awful about this also ). Make it man, it's so boring. It's mad rare to discover a truly unique player, and I mean just like once every 30 decades. There's ~5 truly players in the NFL right now, have this be reflected in franchise. Fix the stat simulation- The numbers are the close of the season in franchise are always stale and predictable. CMC should have the ability to grab 80+ passes in a period that is simulated.

This connection is indeed poisonous. Caught them with MUT all they should do is pretend they care to buy mut coins madden 21 help keep me hanging on. Felt like birthday sex this past year, once they threw throughout that patch. I believe we need another problem between All Pro and All Madden. All expert gets waaaay too easy and Madden is almsot impossible and defeats you in ways that make absolutely no sense.