2K passing to promote sales in their own video game. That is janky. You might give me a white piece of paper if it's nba2k21 myteam coins inside. Idgaf about a case. Cover artwork? For what, you are going to find the cover artwork on the loading screen. Absolutely agree. They are definitely monetizing his name off. Kobe started if they desired to do it for this edition should be given to the charity. I concur. They should at least give some of it away if a company is making money of the death of someone.

To people who don't get the problem. They did not"put him on the cover" they place him on particular editions covers since they knew people would pay 20-25 bucks for the"Mamba edition" over the base. This is the gap between honoring his heritage, and trying to earn a buck. Zion Williamson is a great player, however Kobe should be on both covers, but not only the"I paid more money" versions. They profiting of his passing and that is scummy. I mean 2K really doesn't give a shit, its own consumer. So since Kobe expired and individuals wanted this they see it as an chance to acquire more money due to the constant"Kobe better be on the cover" quotes. What's the point in buying it? It's just for.

NBA 2K21 Unpacked: Present Gen vs. Next Gen Breakdown

Questions I'm seeing are replied in the infographic or on this. The gen Mamba Forever Edition is your ideal alternative if you anticipate playing both gen this calendar year. We'll also post our FAQ once I clear some things up. Please bear in mind I do my best to be accurate but I am not a 2K worker so anything they tell you should be obtained over what I state.

Wondering if you purchase the Mamba Forever Edition, if and how you'll get your current and next gen copies? Check this post out. No physical bonuses are included from 2K. Some third party retailers are providing out other products or steelbooks.

I am late af lol, but I wonder if all matches are jumping to 70$ on launch like they jumped 10 dollars during the 360 ps3 time. I'd imagine 2K is not brazen enough to do that while ever other game sells lower. To add, I really would not mind one bit if the cost increase actually changed game design to possess less predatory practices, however there isn't any way in hell 2K is going to magically stop trying to milk money from each part of 2k21 mt for sale (can not blame them sadly because people purchase the extras) -- I anticipate this to be a double whammy of cost and consistent micro-transaction increases.