When does Axis Football release? What can you discuss about doing it? My friend and I play Mut 21 coins with franchise and we do miss personalization of unis and these. Would you import rosters of the players that are real? It released. U can get it on Xbox, idk bout ps4 yet, pc/Mac along with IOS Android. The neighborhood is rlly listened to by them and ppl have a issue or ppl want something added they get it done. They are rapidly improving and we will need to buy Madden 21 to provide recources to them. If u can import rosters, I am not sure but I'm pretty certain it's coming shortly. Game is inexpensive so give it a chance.

I'm with you. I've purchased on sale, however I do want them to be able to report a unit that was sold from me. Usually I would never tell someone just how to invest their money, I've made some purchases in my life lol, but I hope everybody who's pissed about how EA handles Madden will boycott or purchase it used like you said. The community has been able to have their voices heard for games like Battlefront 2, No Man Sky, ESO, along with many others, so something could be done. Madden is obviously a different monster with all of the younger kids who probably get Madden 21 and also the proportion of MUT players spending a ton on micro-transactions, but you will never know. It is just crazy for me that they have the license for simulation football and they do not even look interested in utilizing it.

Madden 21 feels distinct than 20 and this is how: juking motions do not feel so jumpy anymore they believe realistic. Like taking a step instead of leaping in the exact opposite direction. Getting a fumble appears to be hard have not seen one yet. Sport is a lot slower so driving down the field is more methodical. Pass rush appears perfect. it is not abnormally quickly but for some reason you still feel tension in the pocket in case you are there too long.

QB running is quite good, because of fumbles being difficult to come by. Occasionally a person will have run the full course and still not turn around to grab the ball and other times each receiver will buy Mut 21 coins probably have conducted three steps and you accidentally click them and the minute only turns round the ball will be to them. Catches or grabs that are coated by defense seem to be caught and about 25% of the time seem to be captured by the shield. And the interception animations may be somewhat wild.