The price of tin cabinets depends on various factors. Generally, changes in any one factor will affect the price changes of the product. There is no regular price for tin cabinets; for purchasers, only by grasping the factors that affect the price changes of tin cabinets can they better buy tin cabinets that suit them. As a manufacturer specializing in the production of metal cabinets, we will share with you the factors that affect metal cabinets from our own experience. We hope you can purchase metal cabinets with a price and quality that meet your requirements.

1. The impact of cost on price

As we know, tin cabinets, as the name suggests, are cabinets made of tin, whose raw material is steel plate. The quality of the steel plate not only determines the quality of the tin cabinet, but also determines the price of the tin cabinet. The amount of high-grade steel plate and low-quality steel plate will not differ too much. Nevertheless, there are many differences in quality, so when buying a cabinet of tin leather, you don't have to spend so much money on inferior products.

2. The impact of labor on prices

With the continuous development of the material society, labor wages are also rising. Labor, because its cost of work has increased, is only willing to work when its income exceeds the price of its work. On the other hand, determined manufacturers are only ready to hire workers when the marginal value they can create is higher than the wages they need to pay. As a result, labor costs have increased, which may inevitably lead to an inevitably increase in the price of manufactured iron cabinets.

3. The impact of competition among competitors on prices

This aspect is relatively difficult to grasp because it is not as real as the impact of cost and labor. Competition between competitors is a relatively nihilistic thing. If healthy competition, the price of iron cabinet products will drop; and if this is a vicious competition, it is easy to cause market price confusion.

4. The impact of manufacturer's profit on price

Leather cabinet manufacturers are not charitable organizations, and they need to make money to support their employees in order to achieve long-term development of the enterprise. If the manufacturer’s advantage is too low, the price will undoubtedly rise to obtain a relatively large profit margin; if the manufacturer’s own profit margin is already considerable, the price will be appropriately lowered in order to increase customer stickiness.

Either way, the price of any product is full of uncertainty. For consumers, they must seize the opportunity. If they need to buy a metal cabinet, they must trade as soon as possible after choosing a manufacturer, so as to ensure the stability of the price.

The price of metal filing cabinets is high and low. More intuitive is the thickness of the steel plate, that is, whether the file cabinet uses a thick plate of 0.6mm or more. There is no doubt, of course, that this kind of disk is thick and durable, and the cost is relatively high.

Will tell; secondly, purchasing advanced sheet metal file cabinets not only need to check which material is used, but also check the detail area of ​​each wood board.

Split the iron file cabinet, separate the boards, hardware, partitions and backplanes and other related accessories to calculate the area and unit price, and finally add it to get a specific actual area, and finally follow the market cost board to calculate the price of a specific material object .

The price of several conventional good metal filing cabinets is generally above 700 yuan, and the brand and customization may fluctuate depending on the situation. There are many types of metal filing cabinets. Common instrument cabinets, fission cabinets, filing cabinets, certification cabinets, etc. on the market. Different processes and material choices will increase the price of metal filing cabinets. For example, adding metal cabinets is 150~ more expensive than ordinary ones. 200 yuan, non-ferrous metal cabinets are 100 yuan more expensive than usual, and clothes that can be torn apart are 50-100 yuan more expensive than gears that are not torn apart. If you need to customize a special specification file cabinet, the price is generally higher. At present, powerful manufacturers have to evaluate the distribution area based on this distribution area in customizing tin furniture.

Compared with traditional wooden file cabinets, iron file cabinets have obvious advantages in fire resistance, firmness and environmental protection. The iron file cabinet is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. The surface is first electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, powder electrostatic sprayed, and then phosphated, and then sprayed with epoxy resin to form high hardness and long-lasting color. It will not be subjected to ordinary shocks, causing external paint to peel off or causing the surface to sag. Therefore, the filing cabinets are often new, and even longer, the pure atmosphere of the linear design of the more iron office is definitely not behind "Time". At the same time, the metal cabinet is non-toxic and tasteless, making the user safer and more environmentally friendly. Tin file cabinet series are usually portable, economical and simple mobile storage devices.

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