Usually, you build a wardrobe for storage at home, but whether it is in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or corridor, let's face it, in the end you want it to look stylish. Choosing the right type of finish is essential to ensure that the wardrobe or cabinet matches the overall design theme of your room. Today, we provide you with 10 material choices, you can use these materials to increase the style of the wardrobe surface.

1. Single board

The veneer is popular not only because it is one of the economical choices for painting wardrobes, but also because it can replicate the warmth of solid wood. It is made of thin natural wood and has a variety of designs that allow you to use it to coordinate the style of the room. For example, light and thin finishes will be perfect for Nordic style houses, while dark colors may be suitable for classic houses. In addition, this material is easy to maintain because it only requires regular polishing.

2. Laminate
This material is popular because it has almost every color and various finishes, including matte and gloss. Although laminates have advantages such as scratch resistance and easy cleaning, they are not durable because they are fragile. Once a part of it falls off, the entire paper must be replaced.

3. PVC foil
These foils are pressed onto the MDF board to form a decorative film on the surface. The advantage of using them is that they have a variety of surface treatment effects, including scratch resistance and semi-gloss.

4. Lacquer or polyurethane coating
Another option is to apply varnish or polyurethane paint on the surface of the cabinet. These paints have a variety of colors and have a lovely luster. They are very easy to maintain.

5. Mirror
Mirrors are particularly suitable for painting the surfaces of cabinets and wardrobes in small rooms because they reflect light and make the entire space look larger than it actually is.

The glass on the surface of the wardrobe adopts a modern design, which increases the texture of the room. The glass can be transparent, opaque, printed, frosted and discolored varieties. According to the design style of your room, you can choose the most suitable type for decoration. The disadvantage of glass (especially the use of transparent glass) is that you always need to keep the interior of the cabinet tidy. Otherwise, it will show confusion.

7. Opaque or colored glass
For modern wardrobes, colored or opaque glass instead of ordinary glass is a more convenient choice. The color can be matched with the color palette of the room. In addition, this material reflects light and increases the brightness and ventilation of the room.

8. Solid wood
Nothing is warmer than wood. When it is solid wood, it adds a versatile and charming element because it can adapt to the theme of almost any room, whether it is modern, country or country style. Although wood is more expensive than other materials, it is very durable. All it needs is a layer of polished paint, which looks like new paint.

9. Metal
Brushed metal is not new to the Indians, because the ancient iron has been used for hundreds of years. Although they may not be comparable to the decor in modern homes, they will be the perfect complement to an industrial style room.

10. Stainless steel
Stainless steel is an element commonly used in kitchen cabinets. It brings a simple and modern feel to the space. Its reflective surface is easy to maintain and, like a mirror, it can increase the spaciousness of any area.

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