I really 2K MT hope at a confront scan of Kobe, least two items and at least one of those 08-10 teams. When they do not do either of these also, I will be disappointed. When they did something like MJ Challenge in 2011 that would be ideal but understanding 2K I dont think they will include all that lol.I bet among those 08-10 teams will make it in so that you may play since the 24 variant of Kobe on a classic team. Ron, Bynum, and Lamar will let their rights are used by 2K. Lamar had a card MyTeam this calendar year, if this means anything. I would love to have the 2010 team the most, but yeah, would take any of these.

Folks would be angry if Kobe were not the cover athlete, but making him the cover athlete believes exploitative given that it still is an expensive video game. It will feel weird if this variant has become the most expensive one by far, however. However they always sell the"Legends Editions" at $100 since it comes with a lot of vc and sneakers and what not. And if this is the cheapest version people would state that 2K are disrespecting Kobe (usually the larger players are about the more expensive versions). Either way the cost difference is not that huge. Its not that deep.

Bruh, what r u smoking, it has been 99$ for legend variant. Another two covers are reserved for current players and players that are young that were current. This is not a shady business move. Get your head out your bum please.Just... don't get it? It's still possible to enjoy Kobe and not own the"Mamba Forever Edition" of all NBA2K. It is not like some thing or a pre-requisite. These days Folks whine about the shit that is softest. You're right, don't buy it, but it looks a little weak to utilize Kobe's passing to earn money. Simply if it's about remembering him, put him on the pay, do not charge extra to it.

You and I agree. TBH I always try and just purchase every other year unless the Lakers make some massive signing, and so I copped the last 2 years due to LBJ and the AD trade. They do not alter enough year to make it worthwhile without some changes to the league. Same shit they did with those Kobe magazines every writer did. They were far more expensive than normal.

You're correct that its a business transfer, but I would not say its shady (except for the excess price, if authentic ). This is something people want, to provide them does not mean its a move. If I demand someone and something gives me it personally, I'm happy, they are happy, we're all happy. Because they make money does not mean its proceed. Who knows, perhaps there is more than just a decorative cover, although I'd Buy NBA 2K21 MT price it the same as the other variants?