The title might sound like clickbait, but Madden nfl 21 coins after testing this on multiple routes I can confirm that magic bow+ snipers are the ideal form of pure offensive magical in Three Homes. Let's start off with another magical courses. Offensive magical in Three Houses will suck, to put it after the earlygame. Offensive spells very rarely double enemies, and have a tendency to chip away harm, and that, as a personality progresses into the lategame of Three Houses, isn't as necessary thanks to all the kill boss maps Madden 21 has. In reality, during the lategame it is generally better to just kill an enemy outright, especially because the offensive mages are likely so squishy that enemies ORKO them.

I will concede that Luna Lysithea is a fantastic variant of an attacking mage, but after the timeskip she normally needs gardening boosters to assist OHKO. Same with a lot. So I've explained offensive mages are usually lackluster, but I have yet to clarify how they are outperformed by a physical course. The thing is, combat arts are just broken. Specifically, Sniper's Hunter's Volley and Grappler's Fierce Iron Fist are fantastic on Maddening since they're guranteed to double at a difficulty where doubling certain enemy types like Swordmasters, Assassins, and Grapplers requires quite tough speed thresholds, although the recorded combat arts simply ignore the rate stat.

Nonetheless, these are not magic courses. The thing is, the magic bowaura and gauntlets are weapons that function like charms, as they utilize the magic attack stat of the unit and attack the enemies' resistance stat. When battle arts are in use and, these properties are retained. Therefore, though a standard attack in the magic bowis going to function the exact same way that a spell generally does. It is going to chip off near half of the enemies' health, and leaves a squishy unit beside the enemy. However, with Hunter's Volley, the mage's low rate stat is discounted, so all of the sudden the mage stops dealing chip harm and is able to ORKO all the enemies they see on player stage.

In fact they can get away with using weapons, simply because of sniper's strength foundation and bowfaire. An example of the battle can be seen on Verdant Wind and on Crimson Flower. Now that I've clarified their potential, I'll explain what their investment prices are. In my opinion, the three bow snipers are Mercedes, Hubert, and Hanneman. In these three cases, you do not eliminate anything too valuable by taking away their access to spells (Fortify isn't great in Three Homes but that's a discussion for a different time), and also the three characters possess stunt boons (or a hidden talent in Mercedes' instance ).

I also made some references to the air knuckles grappler, and while it does work nicely I find it to be strictly worse for a couple of reasons. Those motives being the opportunity cost, as the air guantlets are A rank in contrast to the B position of the magic bow +, and no characters have a blessing in gauntlets. While they are far from Three Houses approaches like battalion vantage+anger Dimitri or vengeance Bernadettabow snipers are one of cheap Mut 21 coins the class types that the participant can use. It's just a little out there.