Versions, no clue how MyLeague or MyGM will operate considering #1 by time NBA 2K21 releases there still won't happen to be a 2020 off-season. Probably won't have the 2021 draft class since there will not be a draft by time nba 2k21 cheap mt comes out (I know the lottery is that the 20th, not certain precisely when the draft is) But hey, folks will get it anyway due to MyTeam, so none of the stuff really matters I suppose. Selling me last year's match with a few adjustments with previous season's roster while the actual 2K21 comes out in a few months and probably won't have these difficulties out of the box, but only on PS5 and Xbox and not PC, just doesn't make any sense to me.

This entire release item makes no sense to me. NBA 2K21 should not be coming out in a few short weeks. Stating NBA 2K21 does not have any changes without seeing the changes yet just shows you were gonna say that anyways. If you buy NBA 2K21 you receive it on next gen IIRC makes sense. I stated a few changes. Emphasis on couple of because two separate studios are still currently working on each game and I think I know which one will have the changes, and it is.

Finding the next Gen version for"free" only after buying a $600 console. There is no next Gen PC version, the version is the version we're getting. That's only semantics you were trying to belittle the number of changes that are currently gon t be made. No matter how many changes have been made you have the exact same attitude. Your point about phoning NBA 2K21"free" since you need to buy the console makes no sense. NBA 2K21 is absolutely free, buying the PS5 or Xbox is different from that. All the console gamers are gonna buy it eventually.

This is legit 2K20 having an update, same scoreboard and everything. This is nothing more but a money grab, should happen to be an update.Thanks however im gonna wait until next gen unless NBA 2K21s 5 bucks. How can they believe this is well worth the exact same cost as Red Dead 2 and witcher 3? Its value what people will pay, and they're still gonna kill it with earnings + VC. I understand but they didn't even try to enhance the images or lighting one piece, then theyre gonna charge microtransactions in addition to everything. Lol its greedy. If you buy this version you should get another gen one free, its so dirty not to do so when the present gen alternative is literally a copy and paste.

Everything looks the specific same except for the meter. Whether the area is the specific same, let us see. I don't know why folks suspect it to get any better they have capped out it. I just need a fun game for 3 weeks prior to following gen, have a sense with a brand new neighbourhood we've some fun for a couple of months. It's gonna be difficult to save up VC for the next-gen player though if I purchase the current-gen version.

Turning the shooter meter off will give you an increase in NBA 2K21

With Mike Wang tweets being the source of changes, here we go again. Can we get a sticky? buy mt nba 2k21, for the entirety of the gen, has had issues with maintaining settings. Whether it's an update, a new build has been created, whatever the scenario, defaulting or altering your settings somehow happens. QoL improvements are needed on this one. This was my main criticism with 2K the past few decades. I work in software development and there's no way should last for ages.