Ever since EOC, PVP has been wildly complex such that it's only ever going to be healthily engaged with RS gold by the 1 percent of the 1%. Being top 10% of Telos players is excellent and will benefit you, being top 10 percent PVPers means that the top 9% slaps you around effortlessly because of how immense the difference in efficacy becomes as skill increases. At best you get to the level at which you stalemate always with the very best of players. PVP is basically 0-sum, and actually less than 0-sum due to degradation, things which are lost on passing in bizarre ways that removes value (ie. Augmentation/perks), which means that it is all just a gamble that on average - everyone loses in.

Luring and skull tricking is still another reason to remove the wild - and all forms of dangerous PVP. People PVP? Probably less than 1% of the populace. But who is at risk for being enticed? Likely more than 1 percent of the people - Hell, we could get caught up in something on a bad day or can remember a time when we were young and innocent. Is less 1 percent of this community worth luring? How many people have stopped because they have enticed?

Skull tricking presents a massive burden of knowledge to anyone who wants to go into the wild with more than 0 things that are worth a lot of anything. You need to understand all of the skull tricks that exist, then hope there are not new ones. Even in the event that you prepare perfectly - you might get screwed! It is a system that is broken. You're supposed to have an edge by being a person who didn't attack first, but rather you don't get that advantage - rather you are at a disadvantage since you need to deliver the best gear possible within a tiny budget that is designed such that in case you get skull fooled you don't lose too much which means fighting back is tougher.

Not only are PVPers at a huge advantage naturally because they sit around PVPing daily, they are at a gear edge too since the system was made to discourage fighting back in every day or bringing fantastic equipment. Since it a matter, PVP can not enhance. "Enhancing" PVP implies, most surely, further degrading the experience of anybody who isn't a elite PVPer - since it's at odds with OSRS buy gold what the average player wants.