Oh and by this stage, soloing is almost non-existant, as anything which will give experience at this time is pretty much in a raid zone. On the other hand, Runescape did encourage socializing. I wish RuneScape gold had quests. The raids were fun because of its day. It is the exact opposite. Runescape ended up placing the capacity to purchase Pizza Hut into Runescape, this was like ~2004. The entire culture around Runescape puts the South Park WoW event to pity. While people were skilling and questing in RS in EQ people were hitting assault and standing for 5 minutes at a time. RS is a lot easier going in contrast.

Runescape to me is always a perennial cycle of"ill be able to get so much fun after I complete this 200 hour grind of X" Get to"x", locate it super underwhelming and quit for 3 months. The two back in the day and now I set a more reasonable aim, hit on it, switch to something else for some time, assists with burnout. I haven't logged in for a few days and simply powered back up to 100 battle. Did the same thing when I hit 88 fletching and came back. After I max quests and get 70 all that I likely will wind up stopping though, or playing quite sparingly. However, for a lot of Runescape there's enough going on until you hit higher levels.

Basically happened with me in my primary. Only started feeling like the time dedication was unsustainable 70s, even 60s for a few abilities. Funny I have the opposite reaction. I thought the mill to 65 att along with def, then str (somehow believed I had def rather than str to get in the warrior guild) was a long grind and I was just going from 60. Then I grinded out 70s and realized my prior grind was tame. Then felt that the 70 grind was tame and got 80s. Just like the previous one the grind that is present feels for me. I only got 90 farming and am already half way to 91.

Some skills I do hate. Fletching is so my Tears of Guthix go to RC, and I train it. I also hate thieving. RC is bad and agility is fine, getting close to 70 in it. You simply can't compare yourself. If folks wish to act as though they're better than you, simply because they play more hours, that is sad for them but do not let it affect your mentality. Simply play how you wish to perform and achieve things which are realistic and fun for you. I acknowledge this game does have elitism difficulties and it's probably why I never really enjoyed clan chats, but I still enjoyed hitting and playing my own goals.

Moreover, you need to pay for membership, I never bought a bond to the reason you talk about. So I am able to play games that I enjoy, I work, I shouldn't have to work in Runescape to manage to play it. I dont understand percent of players are currently playing with this game. They hate playing Runescapethey want everything simpler, they hate skills, they despise quests, they hate how they interact with everything, they want 1000 updates to OSRS buy gold ironman before they can enjoy ironman. Their"love" for Runescape is very limited.