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Overcoming divide & conquer propaganda...

I will be posting a significant amount of vital information. I am publishing two books and will continue to layout how Trillions of our tax dollars are lost through outrageous fraud and mind-boggling waste.

Moving forward, military spending will be a major coverage area but the primary focus will be on spreading the most important information that people need to get a comprehensive understanding of…

  1. the severe level of corruption and collapse that is closing in on us;
  2. viable solutions to the major problems confronting us.

As I'm watching our tax dollars and natural resources get looted by global corporations, as I'm seeing in vivid detail how our politicians are serving the Global Elite at the expense of hardworking American taxpayers, as profiteering rackets run rampant, as toxic pollution spreads, as all-time record-breaking debt explodes while the cost of living skyrockets, I am horrified by the fact that I do not see any effective leadership standing up "In Defense of the American People."

Who is effectively defending the overall wellbeing of the American public? Who is defending the interests of American taxpayers?

There are a few politicians who say important things, but they don't back it up with significant action, and when you analyze their voting record and the actions that they have taken, their words amount to little, if anything at all.

To make matters even worse, the mainstream media and large online media companies are saturating the American public in highly divisive rhetoric. People are justifiably pissed off, but they're emotionally manipulated and all hyped up along partisan lines.

Most people feel very confused about what to do next. They don't know what to believe or who to trust.

Many Americans have lost faith in both political parties, the media and established institutions, and rightfully so. They have all been co-opted by predatory global interests who want to keep us fighting amongst each other while they rob us all blind. 

America is being extracted across the board. Our country is now dominated by imperial interests who are burying us in debt. 

When your country is the world's number one superpower, when your country amasses more power than any nation in the history of civilization, you can be assured that every power-addicted force on the planet will seek to co-opt and control government agencies and governmental processes, our economy, our military, our Intel and National Security apparatus, our communication and information systems, even our voting system is seriously compromised. 

Becoming the world's preeminent superpower put a major target on the back of the American People, and we are just beginning to feel the consequences and blowback from it now. 

Make no mistake, Global Imperial interests have tactically dismantled the American People's support systems. Every government agency that was created to protect the American People against predatory global interests is now being run by the predatory interests that they are supposed to be protecting us from.

When your nation is being systemically attacked, fighting amongst each other is not the way to go. 

Self-interested, shortsighted greed-addicted Global Imperialists do not care about your political perspective.  It doesn’t matter if you are a liberal or conservative, a Democrat or Republican, they rob everyone

We are all on this burning, sinking ship together. We need to urgently find common ground.  We must overcome divide & conquer propaganda to unite & defend the American People.

My reporting has received support from people with opinions across the entire political spectrum. The responses that I receive emphatically prove that we can come together on fixing the fundamental issues of systemic corruption and spreading innovations that empower self-sufficiency.

While we are doing everything we can to crackdown on corruption, we also need to highlight all the empowering innovations that the corrupted system has been suppressing.

There are now effective alternatives that decentralize power and enhance self-sufficiency on a local level.  People no longer need to rely on large centralized systems for the necessities of life.

Based on the extensive evidence that I have investigated, I'm moving forward on two strategically vital tracks:

  1. Build an Accountability Army to combat corruption by shining a light on Inspector Generals, the Government Accountability Office and Congressional failure to fulfill their Constitutional oversight responsibilities;
  2. Focus on viable solutions that empower people to be self-sufficient for basic necessities.

None of this is going to be easy, to say the least.  As subscribers know, I’ve been battling against hacking, censorship and suppression for years now.

When you work in defense of the American People and report on systemic corruption in a way that unites people, powerful interests -- who are determined to keep the public divided and misinformed -- do everything they can to limit your ability to make a living at doing that investigative journalism.

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