Goddamnit. I didn't even see this match and now I'm mad. Patient zero Gobert shaking his head . Hate when this occurs. As a wolves fan we had that CP3 snitch untucked jersey reduction that NBA 2K21 Mt was equally as infuriating.You can certainly tell he inquires and talks to the reporter in a means that won't get him fined. In the end no player got fined for discussing that telephone no matter how they talked about it.I do not remember where I saw this, however, Dame was responsible for more points (aka points + assists) within a ten game stretch than any player in NBA history, including Wilt.Those fourteen days were bananas.

So Wilt's absolute points per game average for that stretch could be 64.3 ppg off human scoring and helps (no 3 point , all 2 point aids ).In Dame's finest ten game stretch for total scoring, he also averaged 41.5/9.4. Technically, there was a second overlapping 10-game stretch (at the exact same 11 matches ) where he produced 64.4 ppg.

Is that Wilt might have had a better 10 game stretch elsewhere. Nonetheless, it's possible. The next is that I do not know whether and-ones are counted in the points-off-assists stat. If they're, we do not actually have any way to know how many of the assists of Wilt resulted in and 1s. That said, in that case, half of his 22 assists would have needed to result in an excess point for to 65.4 total ppg. That also seems improbable.

Yeah they were our very first match because we cancelled the Clippers game afterwards, after Kobe passed. Dame absolutely lit us up.That stretch was just stratospheric. Unquestionably one of the hottest stripes in NBA history.He had a terrific interview near the end of this stretch where he replied that the game was becoming much simpler for him - he was seeing the floor differently and felt he could control the game he wanted.Then watching his games after that you could see how nicely he had been cheap nba 2k21 mt coins manipulating the opposing defense seemingly at will. Incredibly fun to watch.