So we have this alchemical hydrix coming out along side the amulet and pocket sized slot. I guess it is rightfully but it's seems like that kind of material is reserved. I've been playing off and on for 3years and acquired about RuneScape gold complete that is 2b. I am quite near max (2703) and also have done every boss in Runescape but obtaining top tier everything for a great many cb fashions with the switches and stuff looks literally impossible to get. Yea I done every boss but I am definitely not the greatest at pvm. I don't really like telos and frankly I do not enjoy pvm that gets me stressed out.

With that being said it appears the only way to get that type of gp is to perform pvm like telos or aod plus it still seems grindy as hell. I get it, rs is a really grindy game but like getting greatest in slot gear is the only thing in Runescape that seems impossible for me to really get. Grinding abilities and shit is fine but gaining like 5b just for a single cb style seems so far I don't even wish to go for it. And yea I guess you can say I do not need all that stuff for pvm that I do not because Ive done all the directors so far but just like I'd really like to experience high tier equipment and also to be able to do crazy damage and kill times.

I mean who would not? I have done most of the content in Runescape and am starting to get a bit bored but this is content that I have yet to encounter as well as many many other men and women. Also people say switching which yea I guess, but I don't have any idea how to do this shit and also nobody actually speaks on it for obvious reasons. Idk I feel just like for most players, acquiring gp for greatest in slot equipment seems impossible and it might be a part of the reason a lot of the RS3 community remains away from the combat content - with other reasons of course. I don't really have a solution in mind I sort of just wanted to talk about my ideas and feelings concerning this subject, do not rip me up lol.

The matter is, you do not need the majority of that gear or switches. Like badly I perform ironman and individuals set all these aims to Best OSRS Gold site maximum and what not then go about trying to acquire a telos place to assist them max? Gwd1 armor nox weapons (tbh chaoics are good for maximum nox for 120 slayer)to 5.4b xp. The time that it takes to find the t92s is a like half of the 99s on its own. You can do everything in this game in a rate quicker than everyone but the top 1% using t90s and crap armor and perks.