By all means, people should specify what they anticipate from their mods, but it needs to be concrete. Especially define exactly what you would like to see, and what you think should be considered spam. Nobody will agree, but it will surely help out. I'm not defending the fashion of modding happening now, but I can sort of understand why they can't define guidelines on what is a"low-effort meme", since no one can set it with RS gold any consensus. so both meme you submitted ngl are pretty funny especially the scroll of truth meme. The way I see this is if the meme isnt an overuse meme then it is fine to have regardless of the consequences it possibly suggesting(the purpose of a meme is really a joke in just like comedy). I wouldnt mind seeing what kind of memes people make, just as long as they dont flood the sub. Tfw I offer guidance and all my posts regarding what they should do better get removed. 

What? Memes get deleted? Regardless of this is in fact among the most boring subs I have seen. I submitted a meme about how will be the inquis staff pieces were afterwards nerf with the rare steak meme and it got taken down in 5 mins and gave up making memes with this sub. I don't play oldschool, but I follow the subreddit just for the memes. I would not mind watching memes with this sub as well. This subreddit is boring. It is, I really go to runescape 2007 just because of their memes and jokes since although I do not play that game I can still understand the majority of the references. Agreed. Never anything new or else interesting . Just innumerable complain articles. 

I wasn't aware memes were prohibited. I love memes!It is interesting seeing the direction the sub has gone and considering the article introducing mods since. And I don't want this to become an post, but I hope I could provide some insight. However, this isn't impartial, despite my very best attempts, so keep this in mind. I are a part of the r/runescape community for more than 8 years, can remember the sub hitting 10,000 users, have met others from the sub and formed friendships with several different members, yadda yadday'are my family and so forth. 

Also within that interval I combined FC the clan and Discord host; of which I now hold some kind of moderation position in, all three. This isn't supposed to provide perspective from where I am coming from, although to be a bragging point. Anyone who has dealt with cheap RuneScape gold me where I am acting within my capability as a moderator will know I am incredibly (occasionally too? More moderation is not moderation that is superior.