Employees aren't at fault. Direction is pushing for mtx because investors put profit expectations for them to meet, and OSRS gold they surely don't care about the game. The devs are not the problem; it's the business version. If the mods pitch an idea"hello'bout a construction rework" and also the response from direction is"no just put something new on squeal instead", that's the issue, maybe not the devs.I Truly believe RS would Greatly Reap the Benefits of old

I am convinced this is not a remarkably popular opinion, but I truly believe RS would heavily benefit from scrapping older, outdated content like they did with mobilizing armies. Tbh a great deal of 5th era quests haven't made much sense and feel quite weird to perform after EoC was released. This really is such a fantastic idea. There's so much 10 year-old dead material and even if we took all of it outside the match could still be HUGE.

It's not simply this. It's also the fact that the average RS3 upgrade is larger in dimension than the average OSRS update. Many small upgrades are simpler to produce than many large upgrades. You better release this or it means nothing. Mod Ryan was operating on a Con upgrade and it got scrapped after great progress was made, don't have any hope of this one coming .

And we will hear nothing about this for months then it'll be quietly cancelled just like the number of other numerous pieces of content. Your announcements don't have any integrity left. You don't keep your promises or back up your words with actions. You just say whatever you believe will reduce the backlash in the time with no intention of cheap RS gold really putting the campaign in. You are just milking what is left of the match with hardly any effort. Your laziness is reaching impressive depths even for you, Dave.