On the guide here at sal's. Says alot about sporting pray amour would I really need that stuff? Also I read a lot things about poison so carrying a lot poison pots is essential? Just see I posted this on runescape talks can someone move it to questions? Alright, essentially today I had been walking around with my broomstick which I hadn't used in some time and RS gold I discovered that jagex upgraded it also in the cartoon bunch, they left the base of the broomstick a darker colour and something which I find quite cool is that the exaggerated strut with which you walk, it's as though you're sweeping as you walk, I think it's pretty cool. So yeah, just wanted to let you guys know, the broomstick seems a whole lot better than it did earlier. I can't wait until the next animation pack.

"Woah dude, how did you make that animation?" First of all this is a fairly quick job I didn't spend hours fixing up little mistakes it's very demanding. Alright, first of all I downloaded a screen-recorder, in this case I used hypercam, however I've heard Camstasia is far better. Go figure. Then make sure that you choose the record region are of the screen recorder to record the particular you would like to document, in my case only me walking.

Then save the document into a filetype that windows media player can see. Next go into windows media player and load the video up. This is where it gets somewhat tedious, go framework, by frame copying every picture of the sequence that you want, save the pictures from the frames into paint. Next save all of the pictures as a few in a sequence, for example, the first frame, save it as 1, second frame as two and so on. Open up Macromedia flash and import the first image of this frame, it is going to ask you in the event that you want to import the arrangement, this basically means all the images you numbered, click yes. Now export your flash as a .gif and your good to go.

When I first began playing Runescape, gp in my bank account was scarce. As I levelled up in Woodcutting (level 21/31/41), I needed to think about,"Can I spend the gp to update (mithril/adamant/rune) hatchet?" (Similar with mining level 21/31/41 - if I upgrade to (mithril/adamant/rune) pickaxe, it will use up precious gp in my bank accounts, and with melee (upgrading to better armor could have precious rare gp). Ha! . .

I read a person's article on Sal's forum. It said,"What do I buy in F2P with 2.2 M gp in my bank account?" Several suggestions were made, the answer which I loved most was a man or OSRS Gold For Sale woman who answered,"Whatever you want!" I had small gp in my own bank account, so the poster that asked that question seemed like a nice situation to be in.