Gotta love how dude's encounter is gatchas along with the SEA fiasco, makes me feel comfortable with the Meseta pso2 game's future... SEGA just don't like the west, and we would have never gotten this game if not for a significant company like MS. I don't know if it is due to bad history with cheaters out of PSO /PSU, or even still sore over the Dreamcast's demise which was all thier own fault. Heck they arent even Sega anymorethey are Sega Sammy. How the mighty has fallen.

Took this screenshot from the trailer; reveals what is shared between PSO2 and NG

it ought to be noted that characters have been shared between them too - you will be able to use them in both PSO2 and NG. How are characters shared, exactly? If"character development will not last over", that sounds just like you can have a character with the same title in both games, but I wouldn't predict that shared. That is exactly what they said. I'm presuming you get to maintain your character's name, appearance, weapons, units, and mag. They have not mentioned anything about makeup yet that has some people worried.

Registered data is whatever you've"registered" on your character, such as hairstyles, headparts, accessories, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, face paint, body paint, stickers, voices, basewear, innerwear & of course emotes. My friends & I have been creating"enroll that information" jokes anytime one of us gets a cosmetic we wanted.

So that means outerwear and outfits will not move? That is still a massive fuck you to NA players that spent money and nobody needs to scrape anymore to be fair... We do know we can deliver more weapons and weapons, so they can handle outfits/outerwear exactly the exact same way. We do see old Ash running along with his previous outfit in the trailer. The footage they showed of Buy PSO2 Meseta this Placeholder Otherwise Known As Ash has him wearing his trademark default Close Quarters outfit. It's still no hard affirmation, but that'd mean he took him to NGS. FWIW that outfit is also available as basewear in JP therefore it is even more unclear... but yeah I'd bet a good 10k meseta on outfits and outerwear also transferring.