I am having the New Horizons Items hardest time with blue roses it's the ONLY blossoms I haven't bred, and I have a few special reds I water them everyday also, pray for me

Have you tried visiting someone else's Nook shop? Every player's Nook shop has a different combination of three flower species. Two are your island's"native" and"sister" blossoms, and the next overlaps from month to month.

Breed red and yellow mums (both from seeds) together.

Take the new yellows that they produce and breed them. They could make any colour, but the important colors they produce are purple (25% chance) and green (6.25% chance).

If no green, keep breeding until you get a green or even a purple.

When you receive a purple, clone it and strain the 2 purple together for a 25 percent chance in making a green.

I suggest searching blossom breeding for AC on Google, there is a good deal of different combos to make a great deal of different colours of flowers. They have some basic guides made to images, but if you want the down low I would check the discord. Some are easy, such as red+white rose = pink rose, but things like blue green and roses mums are a little (a lot) more complicated. In case you have any questions, or some about particular kinds of blossoms id be delighted to assist. Flower breeding's among my favourite parts of the game.

The checkerboard pattern isn't a very good design, especially if you're breeding for a more intricate flower like a green mommy. As an instance, flowers can clone (produce and exact replica of themselves if they have no breeding partner) or breed (create offspring with a partner). If you're breeding a seed red and seed yellowish to gey a buy animal crossing furniture hybrid , you can mix up the clone of the seed yellowish with the new, vivid yellow.