I am assuming it will be like 2K MT in 17 it was on the PS4 and Xbox 1 but I owned it on Xbox360 so it was still made for the machine, but they eliminated lots of the manners and it was not exactly the same that it was basically only my league and mycareer games no Park so 2k22 will probably be on ps4 but eliminate many main features including the story.it depends how many folks going to get a ps5, and just how many will stick to their own ps4.

I'm not gonna buy ps5, therefore I wonder if parks will kind of die current gen following ps5 comes out, since I feel like majority of people will update their consoles. And I play EU, which probably has even less population in parks than NA servers.I got the current-gen 2k21 and that's it. I do not plan on upgrading my games either until the first price fall or sale. How I see it, we are a year from 2k22, next-gen 2k21 is legit just going to get half a year old run before that.

And I think a great deal of individuals aren't innovators in regards to technology adoption, it's a hefty cost and there is barely gonna be some new games onto it. People are gonna wait on it like always. It will not be dead imo.I'd say get this one if you aren't gonna update, and enjoy playing park or particularly myteam. Cause if you are concerned about the park dying you do not want to remain on 20 lol.

I'm far to much of a casual participant to bother with the update till next year at the price tag. I really only play MyGM and MyLeague anyway.I am subscribed to a game rental agency however, and one which as long as you pay has no limitations on how long you may maintain a game. So if I do manage to discover a PS5 - that I assume won't be simple - I may let it till Where to buy mt 2k21 comes out.I'm not buying a sports game twice though when all other franchises are allowing a free update.