The main technologies of smart lockers:

The smart locker cabinet generally adopts sheet metal technology. The hardware circuit is composed of four parts, mainly including the microcontroller part, the keyboard control part, the execution part and the triode drive display part; the software technology of the smart locker includes programming based on the hardware circuit Technology and testing technology. On this basis, the technology is extended according to the development direction of access credentials.

Smart locker features:

1. Access function: traditional lockers are mostly mechanical structures, and the access methods of smart lockers include self-set password, barcode, IC/ID media card, RFID induction, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, WeChat, etc. , Diversified access methods, can be selected according to actual needs.

2. Management function: After the administrator enters the management interface through the electronic key, a variety of management functions can be completed, including basic operations such as clearing and locking the box. In addition, the administrator can obtain the usage status of each bin in the background , Access object records and administrator behavior records, etc. Operation data can be output.

3. Emergency system: Equipped with an emergency door opening system, the manager has the authority to open the box door for the user in an emergency. In addition, each box door has an independent mechanical emergency door opening device, and it can be used normally even if the power is cut off. The smart locker is equipped with a backup power supply , It can be used normally for no less than four hours after power failure, and the cabinet data is automatically saved after power failure.

4. Detection function: According to the special needs of customers, an automatic detection function can be set in each compartment to identify whether the compartment is empty or full.

5. Affiliated function: When registering, there will be voice prompts to guide users to use the smart locker according to the correct steps. According to the needs of customers, the color of the cabinet can be customized, and the inkjet stickers can also be customized on the cabinet.

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