You never bought or sold gold? In case you got banned for using macros and gold farming and you are sure you never botted maybe Jagex is speaking to this later only. There's probably nothing you can do other than allure, and if you appeal you should probably try to OSRS gold calm down first to be certain you write a nicely thought out and polite appeal. If you have unfairly banned you have all the reasons to be mad, but a hotheaded allure definitely will not help you.

Due to this high level of offences you have committed, your account was permanently prohibited. . funny. . I've had no offenses ever. And beleive me I composed a sincere not angry message telling them I have never botted and if I needed, why would I take the opportunity to appeal because if I did bot I would just move on and bot to a new account. And no, I have never bought gold never seen a golden buying website never done anything contrary to their rules. I am not hoping to become angry but I have put so much time into this match and to only be banned for this is rediculous. My true fear right now is that I had been hacked and someone just completely screwed with my account if that's the case... oh my god... I don't know what to believe.

Not that I am addicted to this game, because in reality I barely get time to play with it anymore, but I have been playing this game off and on since I was ten years old, I'm now 19, so that's nearly ten years I've put work into this sport, wasted countless hours of my life, and it cannot finish by me being banned for legity something that I did not do. I told them in my own appeal, matter of Buy RS gold fact swore on my life to them, I never botted, and if they have proof a schedule was used I had to have been hacked.