Given my RS gold levels and gear what is the best monster I can kill for a fantastic gain. Alrighty so I am just gont create one thread for all the things I am wondering about, I checked all the skill manuals and Q as and do not recall seeing these requested. If they were I apologize. Firemaking/Cooking: Do better logs = less chance to burn things while cooking? If FM does nothing for f2p associates... Mining: A lengthy time ago I heard a rumor that more power = faster mining. Is this authentic? If it is can it be strength level, strength incentive, or strength prayer bonus? Fantastic Orb Project: Ess received and crafted throughout match, experience affected by FoG runecrafting gloves or maybe not?

Stealing Creation: Is experience made for collecting / making things from the sport or not any? Are there any gloves or boots offered for stealing creation? Player Tips: Joshpow - Don't use a controled assault if ur training, if a guy uses any other assault he'll have that stat quicker and therefore get others quicker. Why is this allowed to become a player tip. Members: Agility: Should you become a part, and train this ability to say, 50, subsequently unsubscribe, do you still receive the Skill bonus in f2p worlds or maybe not? Misc: Max coin or max coin stack, does this exist? And I believe those are most of my questions. Thank you in advance for any answers you can offer, although I am searching for facts .

These questions are for anyone who has completed Summer's End. I started the pursuit yesterday, and have gotten to the point of dealing with the Spirit Beast. Despite following guides and having good food and potions, I find that somehow, I always end up screwing up when I am trying to have the 3 pyres from the cave lit, and also have died repeatedly. . .is it assumed to take an obscene number of trips to find cheap RuneScape gold this exploration?