Pretty sure this reaction was to Mut 21 coins silence negativity quite a little, at least until launch, so that they can keep their own M21 ad campaign going without much interference. And I believe they achieved their goal. When match launch will probably be shut, just mark my words, they gonna come out and say this:" Sorry, team worked hard, but we could not make any big changes so deep into development stage. Not to mention M22 franchise will still be exact same as M13. It will be exact same thing they did with M20. Since launch, when game was absolutely unplayable for very large collection of PC players who'd Core i5 processors (which has largest userbase). They kept telling commumity from their official channels that team is"working hard on the fix", right up until NFL season was to keep up sales and then just came out and said that fix was not coming. They didn't even give any refunds to individuals who got screwed over like this.

Theory: Madden just Sonic the Hedgehog'd us. Put out an intentionally bad memo about what's new in business mode in order that they could return in a month, say they haven't had enough time to produce major advancements so these are the minor ones that they created, and watch the community provide them praise for doing the very least. I'd be willing to wager that whatever they add has been in the works for a little while now, and they are gonna find favorable press for it today even though it will not be a lot. If it gives us a good Franchise style. I really don't care what strategy they did lol. But will their tactics provide us a fantastic franchise mode? Probably not.

My concept is a dev composed that part with the intent to make it seem as shitty as you possibly can shine a light on how bad the situation has gotten. Yep. This is the EA playbook. It is why battle V is crap this season. A way they could change everything back and say that they"corrected" things and then Battlefield 6 will be a way better game. EA does so all of the time. This is awesome they responded, be optimistic, but don't get your hopes up too much. But I'm praying they deliver something great this year. It is only lip service and damage management. We've heard the exact same thing for many years about franchise style. It's just a corporate cover your ass PR message to attempt to find the heat off them. The game is only weeks from release... It is realistically impossible that they'd have time and resources to develop something new for franchise in that time.

At best this may mean they will attempt to take since things on in a patch sometime by the winter, or more likely, they are just hoping that it's blown over and forgotten and they won't actually do anything. The game comes out a month. Like let's be true, most of us know how shitty a job this group does. They can not even get basic stuff like stats right. Are we really gonna be optimistic they'll put in considerable enough work in per month for fixing something they have actively ignored for like 10 years? Every patch they do breaks multiple things. The patch for Madden 21 franchise surely already broke many things and buy mut coins madden 21 they are just gonna try to fix people in a day 1 spot. At this time we deserve more depth than PSP Maddens. At minimum.