If this game has taught me anything, it's the Animal Crossing community is extremely proud about acquiring any kind of Animal Crossing Items attention.

Should they expand on farming and add in cooking also, that are the ideal time to add Brewster. My fantasy is for him to run the cafe while I access to cook/serve food into the villagers based on their preferences. Kind of like the way we had to take their coffee orders but instead Brewster does this and also we do food.

Happy to find that the chef hat for another update. I hope this results in more food related furniture. I want that damn ice cream case that was in New Leaf.A restaurant/cafe could be pretty amazing in any village since that's usually one of these things folks use an extra villager's house to do. Insert a cooking miniature game and devotion.

I believe that the November/Fall II upgrade or January/Winter I upgrade makes the most sense for Brewster. They probably don't want to have 2"big" features for any given update so that one is about Halloween and the next might be Brewster because there is not any significant holiday in November. Then December is Christmas. January is somewhat empty also (not sure about Japan though) therefore there is a possibility Brewster may come then.

November is thanksgiving. January is fresh year. February is valentine's. We've got a good deal of upcoming holidays with special characters.February may also have that one festival with Pavé! I loved Pavé furniture in fresh leaf.Iirc Pavé was one of those characters that popped up when they declared the other festivals are in updates back in March (Pavé, Jack, Franklin, and Jingle)

I could see Club Tortimer being added in January, since the entire appeal of it back in New Lead was that it was summer all year round, and buy Animal Crossing Bells a rest from the usual match,this one is all about Halloween and another might be Brewster as there is not any major vacation in November.They revealed both Franklin and the reindeer for the November update.