I was speaking about this sub. Additionally, I know that you did not inquire, however, the reason as to Animal Crossing Bells why Nintendo is not very popular here is because the majority of individuals do not even know they still make gamesthey think they make shitty games for infants, or they believe these bootleg Mario games on line are actual Nintendo games. Also, Nintendo products are extremely expensive here, and Nintendo ceased selling their merchandise in Turkey following a year (I believe ) the 3DS came out, and returned together with the Change in late 2018. Everyone understands that it exists, it's just not common. Some people even think that Nintendo ripped off the XBOX or some thing. The Wii, The DS, GAME BOY, NES, SNES and materials are well known here, though. (N64 and Gamecube aren't) But like I said, people believe that Nintendo didn't make a system after all those. I used to have laughed at for liking Nintendo at school, but then those kids started enjoying it, too.

To be fair, it is not exactly accessible at the moment. I remember when Nintendo pulled out and it took me until this year to acquire a secondhand 3DS. The Switch and its games aren't cheap either

Ben hem retro gamerım hemde game developerım dostum, birinci jenerasyon hariç bütün oyun tarihindeki en iyi younları ve bütün konsolları topluyor herbirini bititiriyorum canın istersede bana yazabilirsin

Turkey jumped directly to PS2 after Buy Nook Miles Ticket the entire ordeal with the fake NES consoles marketed under the name"Atari". But still, I'm pleased to be here to reflect Turkish N64 gang.