Get Involved at


Save a copy of an image from our Gallery.

Have it printed on poster boards.


Stand side-by-side with others at all events that Donnie is attending; this will create a visual of a wall.


When doing so, go with an intention that this is just a Matter of FACT according to you - Donnie... You're Fired!


Anger is unnecessary.


With your vote, you get the chance to FIRE this billionaire.

Wow, now that's POWER!


If Donnie's supporters attempt to get between your groups, welcome them, the spaces within the wall posters can be representative of what we know about walls…

People will always find ways around walls


Print and display yard signs

Print and display bumper stickers

Have T-shirts made with Donnie… You're Fired!

Pay for billboards with Donnie… You're Fired!

Facebook posts, Twitter - etc.


The intention of this idea is not to be mean but what we are doing is mirroring Donnie's actions in a sense.

Donnie loves to give others nicknames - so we name him Donnie.

Donnie loves to fire others - so we fire him.

It's that simple, anger is unnecessary


It is just - Donnie... You're Fired