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Terms & Conditions changemaker media and marketplace

UPDATED: March 2023

UNITED KINGDOM USER AGREEMENT: This user agreement sets out the terms on which you (“User”) can use our website, apps and social media. We will refer to these as “services” and “products” in this user agreement.

We are trading as Changemaker Media and Changemaker Marketplace. Changemaker® is a UK registered trademark. We are publishers and retailers.

By using or interacting with our services, you accept this user agreement. If you do not accept this user agreement, you may not use our services.

Sometimes, parts of our services have additional terms which apply as well as this user agreement – for example, promotions or giveaways will have special rules about how to enter. When you do use these services, you accept those additional terms and they form part of this user agreement as though set out in it in full. If those additional terms contradict this user agreement or are inconsistent with it, then those additional terms will override this user agreement, but only for the elements of our services that those additional terms apply to.

In addition to the terms of this user agreement we also have some policies and procedures on how we operate our services and what we expect from users and contributors. These policies and procedures also form part of this user agreement as if they were set out in it in full. Please refer to the Delivery and Returns terms, Copyright Policy and Privacy Policy.

Services may be integrated with third party services such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and those third parties require us to make their terms and their privacy notice available to you.

We may make minor changes to this user agreement at any time, for example to improve their clarity or to make technical corrections. Significant changes may be made, for example if we offer a new service and need to include terms to cover it, or if the law changes. If you keep using our services after we make a change to this user agreement, you will be deemed to have agreed that change.

You must be at least 16 years old to use our services, and if you are under 18 years old you must have the permission of a parent or guardian.

It is your responsibility to obey the laws that apply to you when you use our services. If it is against the law to use our services in the country you access them from, then you must not use them. Our services are for personal, non-commercial use only. You must not use our services on someone else’s behalf.

We have the absolute right to terminate or withdraw access, temporarily or permanently, to any or all of our services or products at any time and for any reason. The rules in this user agreement will still apply to you, even if we do so.

You must make sure that the account information you provide is correct and up to date. You must not create an account in someone else’s name or with the intention of impersonating anyone. Your account name must not misuse or infringe anyone’s rights (for example, a trademark).

You must make sure that you use a strong password for your account, and that you keep that password secure. You must not tell anyone else your password, you must not let anyone else use your account, and you must not use anyone else’s account. If you think someone else may have access to your account, you must tell us immediately by email:  


The term “content” in this user agreement denotes all of the content available on our services. That includes text, images, video, audio, interactive features like quizzes, events, social media, apps and other materials. Some content comes from us or our contributors, partners and others that we work with; and some content is supplied by users of our services.

You can post publicly-accessible URLs linking to our content on your own personal social media account and your own personal website (as long as you are not running that account or website as a business or to make money). Such posting of our material must not be defamatory or obscene. You also need to follow the other rules in English law and in this agreement, such as the rules about protected content, copyright and brands.

You cannot do anything else with our content. You must not modify, re-purpose or distribute any of our content, incorporate it into something else, re-post it anywhere else, pass it off as your own, or do anything with it for any commercial purpose or in a way that violates the rights of others. Please note that Some content may have additional or alternative legal notices and restrictions associated with it.

If you wish to make any commercial use of any of our content, please contact us: to discuss separate terms.

Nothing in our services or this user agreement gives you any right to use any of the trade marks or brands shown or discussed for commercial purposes.

Sometimes we provide links to websites or services run by other people. We are not responsible for those websites or services, nor do we necessarily endorse them. You access those websites or services at your own risk. If you find a link in our services which you think is unlawful or inappropriate, please email us as soon as possible:

We are not responsible for events that are discussed in our content. You attend any events at your own risk.

All user content is the responsibility of the person who supplied or posted it. We do not accept any responsibility for the gathering of any user content or accept any risks to life, health, reputation or commerce in any way whatsoever that you are associated with. All content that you gather is for your own purposes and you agree to indemnify Changemaker media and marketplace against any claims whatsoever.

If you upload or post any content to our services, we are entitled to assume, and you are promising to us, that you have the right to do that.

We may request exclusive rights for user content supplied to us, for a period of time to be agreed separately with you. However, by our uploading or posting it, you are giving us the right to show and distribute that content both on and off our services. You also give us the right to change it or combine it with other content (including paid content), for any purpose, without needing your agreement. You are not entitled to any payment from us for any use of your user content or your sharing of our URLs. You must therefore take care not to upload or post anything which is confidential, commercially sensitive, valuable or which you or someone else would not want shared (for example, personal secrets or patentable ideas). We will always try to credit user content accurately; if we fail to do so, you can email us and ask us to correct it:  

We do not guarantee that any user content, services or products will always be available through our services. We can remove any user content or products from our services at any time, for any reason. You should therefore make sure you have your own copies of any of your content.

You must not do anything while gathering content, using our services, or post or share anything on or about our services in any media or distribution channel which puts others at risk or defames anyone.

If we delay in enforcing this user agreement that does not mean that we cannot enforce it in the future. We have not given up or waived our right to enforce it.

If you are a consumer and you live in a part of the United Kingdom which is not England, then the governing law of this user agreement is the law of the part of the United Kingdom where you live. Otherwise, the governing law of this user agreement is English law.

If you wish to make a complaint, please do so both by email and in writing. Our address is: Changemaker® Unit 1a Starborough Farm, Starborough Road, Marsh Green, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 5RB. Email: