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Changemaker: One who desires change in the world and, by gathering knowledge & resources, makes that change happen.



It’s an Old Tale to Tell… while Following the Footsteps of Detained Children… aka War Profiteering 101… #NotInMyName

Shall we dance?…💃It goes something like this… correct me if I’m wrong… let’s get this right & set the record straight…


Carnival Cruisin’ On Taxpayer Cash… A $311 Million FEMA Disaster Profiteering Racket

Just another incident in Carnival’s illustrious career of FEMA Disaster Relief Fund Profiteering… According to congressional testimony, the amount of money that FEMA spent on a half empty ship was more than the total money disbursed to hurricane victims…

CIA Drone Strikes, 110 A Day

121 Bombs A Day – World War News Roundup: Analysis of Battlefield Operations #1

Here’s an in-depth look into the multi-trillion-dollar U.S. taxpayer-funded War Racket. This is our first Analysis of Global Battlefield Operations, as the “War on Terror” escalates…


How U.S. Taxpayers Fund The World’s Most Profitable Corporations

We were trying to think of an issue that could possibly be more significant than $21 Trillion in taxpayer money disappearing from the Pentagon. While it is very hard to fathom something more significant than $21 Trillion, the only thing we could come up with is the lack of Return on Public Investment that American taxpayers get…


How $21 Trillion In Tax Money Disappeared #AuditThePentagon

For further understanding, we are featuring another mind-blowing Department of Defense Inspector General (DOD IG) report: “Summary of DOD Office of the Inspector General Audits of Financial Management.”


Changemaker Meme

Truth Resonates

“Genius, all over the world, stands hand in hand, and one shock of recognition runs the whole circle round.”

~ Herman Melville


Don’t Underestimate the Power of ‘Truth’

Dr. Jordan Peterson on your secret divine power ~ “It’s the thing that generates order from chaos… and then sometimes turns pathological order into chaos, when it has to. Don’t underestimate the power of ‘truth’ – there is nothing more powerful.”


Counter Tyranny: Self-Actualize

When one realizes that gaining control of the minds of individuals is the most vital means for controlling a population, it becomes clear that the first step in countering tyranny is to undergo the difficult process of freeing one’s own mind.

One who has freed their mind, set themselves right, and in pursuit of the truth is unafraid to boldly speak their mind even in the face of severe opposition, has, in the words of Jung, “unknowingly and involuntarily become a leader” – a role model which others will naturally strive to emulate.


A Fuller Distillation…

Traditional human power structures and their reign of darkness are about to be rendered obsolete. In short, humanity has already achieved, technically, the total success all Utopians ever dreamed of; our problems now are entirely due to wrong thinking. This is only a crisis of ignorance.


War Profiteers Vs. The People of the United States – Opening Statement

This is the first part in a series of investigative reports on how the National “Security” State and Global Private Military Companies violate the U.S. Constitution, rob trillions of taxpayer dollars from the American People and fuel terrorism worldwide.


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The more you empower others,
the more empowered you will be.


We are hardcore optimists who see many fixable problems. For all the critical crises humanity faces, there are viable solutions. We can make everyone’s life significantly better.

People vastly underestimate three things:

  1. How mentally conditioned we are;
  2. How much wealth there presently is;
  3. What is possible with modern technology.

Get an in-depth understanding of any one of these three things, and you will become a CHANGEMAKER.

The overwhelming majority of people just throw their hands up and say, “Oh well, what can I do?”

This feeling of powerlessness is a propaganda-induced delusion designed to keep the masses passive and dependent upon the entrenched power structure.

The entrenched power structure, the corrupt and collapsing old paradigm’s dominance hierarchy is fundamentally driven on the centralization of society and concentration of wealth, power and resources into fewer and fewer hands, which makes the masses dependent on large centralized systems for the necessities of life.

New sustainable technologies flip the script and empower people. They make the masses self-sufficient for the basic necessities of life – renewable energy, water purification, hydro/aquaponic farming, wireless communication, liquid democracy, crypto-currencies… the ever-evolving list is long…

We can now live in synergy with nature.

New paradigm shifting solutions evolve power from oppressive centralized systems to empowering decentralized, self-sufficient micro-communities.

This shift, the transformation from dependent consumers to self-sufficient, self-actualizing individuals has profoundly positive implications for the evolution of humanity.

We need to spread these sustainable and decentralized technologies to heal our planet, humanity and ourselves, now.

~ None But Ourselves

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